Here are some things you can do today!

  • Teach children from a young age what a healthy relationship is and how to mutually respect one another.
  • Educate children about bullying and where to find help if they or someone they know are a victim.
  • Reject violence and teach appropriate outlets for emotions.
  • Teach children to think about others’ feelings when you do or say something and how to be kind to people that are different than you.
  • Be aware that abuse and violence exist and to speak up if you see it.
  • Practice consensual, open dialogue before engaging in sexual activity. This mean always get consent before any sexual activity.
  • Seek out and stay in relationships where your partner is kind, respectful, and asks for your input when making decisions.
  • Obtain consent before any sexual activity.
  • Advocate for respect between people by standing up for those who are disrespected
  • Be comfortable discussing sexuality and sexual health. Know that it is ok to be assertive about your beliefs, but never aggressive.
  • Tell your child that they deserve to be treated with respect and with love and that you are a safe persons with whom they can speak to about anything.


Sexual violence is not only a “women’s issue”. Men play a vital role in ending sexual violence. Sexual violence and domestic violence is a choice and men have an exceptional role and opportunity to promote healthy relationships. Women are disproportionately victims of abuse. ACT RS encourages and invites men to advocate for safety and stand up against sexual violence.

  • Don’t look the other way if a friend, brother, teammate, or classmate is being disrespectful or acting inappropriately. Speak up and let them know they are mistreating another individual.
  • Refrain from excusing what people do when they are drunk or high. If it is wrong when they’re sober, then it is wrong when they’re drunk.
  • Being a man is not about degrading or abusing women, or girls. Stand up to sexism beliefs and comments.
  • Provide balance and respectful sexual behavior. It is important that all genders behave in a way that respects the rights of others. Behavior should be assertive, not aggressive.